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Introduction to TypeDuck | TypeDuck 介紹

Introduction to TypeDuck | TypeDuck 介紹

TypeDuck 打得粵拼輸入法。鍵盤按照粵拼方案 (Jyutping) 設計,用詞語作單位輸入,照音直打。如遇一音多字,選擇困難,可參考英語 、印地語 、印尼語 、尼泊爾語 、烏爾都語 翻譯提示。思考化成文字,一切盡在掌握之中。

TypeDuck is a Cantonese input keyboard that allows you to type words with Jyutping , a standardized romanization scheme for Cantonese. You can enter Chinese characters based on the way they are read! Not sure about the right characters? English, Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali and Urdu word translation prompts can help. You can turn your thought into text , and the process is under your control.

一個工具,多種可能:不論是初學者打簡單生詞,抑或流暢人士執筆忘字, TypeDuck 都可以幫忙。

Whether you 're a complete beginner who just wants to key in simple characters and learn as you go, or a proficient Chinese speaker who just needs a bit of help remembering what that ONE character looks like, TypeDuck's here to help you!

項目負責人 Principal investigator:

  • 劉擇明博士 Dr. LAU, Chaak Ming

合作研究者 Co-investigators:

  • 莫碧琪教授 Prof. MOK, Peggy Pik-ki
  • Mr. Viveik Mohan SAIGAL

This project is funded by the SCOLAR Language Fund under the project name "Cantonese Phonetic Input Method (Jyutping) with Minority Language Prompts "through The Education University of Hong Kong.